Mavis or 'Mave' (as Arthur often calls her when he is correcting her or informing her of facts) is the well-meaning too-fat-to-fly fairy with a heart of gold. Desperate to be loved, taking comfort in too many fattening foods, she flits (or rather thumps) through the woods trying to create sweetness and light with her ineffectual magic. She is saccharine sweet, loving everyone - EVEN Evil Edna. She is often heard to remark "Oh Poor Edna". She trills when she speaks. She coos and overuses the word "dear".
Mavis is waiting for her 'Mr Right' and is very susceptible to LOVE. Arthur once suggested The Beast. She was definitely enamoured with a gnome once because he called her "lady", and was certainly not pleased when brought back from her abduction by the Troll Vikings. Her magical powers are in her wand, but they are unreliable. Although Mavis never looses her enthusiasm for magic, the other inhabitants have slightly less faith in her magical skills. Though the Moog still seems to believe in her. Mavis is usually to be found with Arthur, whom she obviously regards as much cleverer that she is. She always believes whatever he tells her.