Occasional Characters

Twit is a small yellow bird, a bit of a victim, who flits in and out of the stories and gets busy and romantic building nests in the spring. All he ever says is "twit".

The Astrognats
The Astrognats are a gaggle of Aliens who live in a space- ship mushroom. They talk in 'space-speak' and transport the inhabitants of the wood to different locations as required by the script.

A Bookworm
An Einstein look- a -like who has a vast knowledge gained from eating "leaves" of paper.

A Snail
The Doyley Woods postman who moves very slowly to the sound of a revving motor bike and squealing brakes.

A Dragon
Rather aggressive, Welsh of course!

Various and numerous, one of which Mavis was rather taken with.

A Moth
One of Arthur's relations.

A Wizard - Mr Abracadabra.

A Werewolf
He was created by drinking the magic potion of the Troll Vikings.

Other characters include,
A Bat, Witches on Broomsticks, Father Christmas, various Aliens from Outer Space, and a Flea, who grows due to an Edna Spell. And last but definitely not least - FROGS, lots of them also created by Edna.