Episode Guide

The Bride-Groom

We learn about how the Beast came to be in Doyley wood. He wasn't a Beast all his life you know.
Mavis hears bells ringing while Arthur chomps away on some foxgloves (flowers). She is convinced they are wedding bells. Arthur says it is down to the fact that she wants to get wed. The one known cure is a wedding, for which a bridegroom is required. They wait for the very next bloke to come along to transform into a groom. Mavis wants a handsome prince to appear.
By coincidence, Prince Humbert the Handsome comes cycling along, bumping into Evil Edna. The Price calls Edna a 'wotten owld television set'. Edna casts the wickedest spell of her whole career and transforms the prince into a Beast. The Beast trundles off and walks in on Arthur and Mavis.
Mavis casts the bridegroom spell on the Beast. Mavis declares that she could never marry the beast (although she likes his looks) because he cannot pronounce his R's.

Edna's Secret

Arthur encounters Edna counting sheet in an attempt to get to sleep. Evil Edna turns Arthur into a frog because he has disturbed her. She has to start all over again and fast forwards through the sheep.
A few days later Edna is being nice to everyone. Mavis suggests she is reformed and nice. Carwash isn't impressed because she refers to him as a pussycat.
Mavis decides that Edna has fallen in love. Edna refuses to tell who it is - it is a secret. The news suddenly starts on up on her screen. Heart shapes appear around the screen. Arthur deduces that she has fallen in love with the newsreader.
Mavis makes her mind up to make the newsreader real and casts a spell. The 2d image of the newsreader bounds off Edna's Screen and bounces off past Mavis and Arthur. He has no legs, and this is because no one ever sees the legs of a newsreader!
Edna is evil again because the spell has created a hole in Edna's face. She turns Arthur and Mavis into frogs.

Food for Thought

Arthur encounters a bookworm in a book that is lying about in the woods. The bookworm tells Arthur that caterpillars turn into moths or butterflies (something that no-one has ever explained to Arthur). The bookworm invites Arthur for breakfast. Arthur is feeling very clever & knowledgeable when he bumps into Mavis looking down a hole (deep enough to go through the earth to Australia). A bunny appears and claims he is from watership down-under. Arthur says that all Rabbits are fibbers.
Mavis comments on Arthur's new found knowledge and decides she wants to meet the bookworm. The bookwork tells Mavis that she is not a fairy but 'an hallucination' because fairies don't exist according to his book. Mavis tells the worm he should eat lots of lovely green stuff because his book diet can't be doing him any good. She turns the book into a cabbage, thus curing the bookworm!

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