The Beast

The Beast is yet another dim inhabitant of Doyley Woods. He is big, gormless and confused. He cannot pronounce his 'R's and speaks with a lisp, describing himself as "woyal" or "wegal". This is a hangover from his former life as Prince Humbert the Handsome. Edna changed him into the Beast and refuses to re-instate him to his true princely identity.The Beast is a Prince Charles character, referring to himself as "ONE" and forever talking about Mummy and Daddy at the Palace. A "Thow-back" to earlier times when gentlemen took tea, he is unfalteringly polite. He is understandably nervous of Edna, desperately hoping that she will wemove the evil spell that changed him fwom a pwince to a hairwy beast. He longs to weturn to the palace and his former life as Colonel in Chief of the Woyal Wegiment.